• *A Parent's Guide*

    Parent Introduction to Special Education

    Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois


    *The Illinois Student Records Keeper: For Parents of Students Who Receive Special Education Services*


    This booklet is for parents to use to keep important information about their child and his/her special education and related services. It is a companion to A Parent’s Guide - Educational Rights and Responsibilities: Understanding Special Education in Illinois. Records play an important role as you plan your child’s education. Dates, people, meetings and reports are important throughout your child’s educational career. The records keeper was developed to assist parents in preparing for Individualized Education Program (IEP) and transition meetings; getting ready for evaluations and reevaluations; and keeping track of paperwork and other materials.

    *Notice of Procedural Safeguards for Parents/Guardians of Students with Disabilities (December 2021)*


    *PUNS: A Guide to Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services*

    The Illinois Department of Human Services' Division of Developmental Disabilities supports quality, integrated, person- centered services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. The system of services and supports in Illinois enhance opportunities for individuals to make real choices and receive appropriate, accessible, prompt, efficient and life-spanning services that are strongly monitored to ensure individual progress, quality of life and safety.

    Enroll in PUNS to Apply for the Services You Need


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