Jean McNair Monthly Newsletter

Jean McNair Important Pickup and Dropoff News

  • MORNINGS: Students riding the bus will enter the building near the gym entrance, while students getting dropped off by car will enter through the front entrance.  Students may be dropped off anywhere from the crosswalk to past our front entrance and they will enter the building through the front entrance, but please remember to keep the line of traffic moving. STUDENTS WILL ONLY ENTER THE BUILDING THROUGH THESE TWO ENTRANCES.   AFTERNOONS:In order to facilitate after school pick-up and reduce some front parking lot congestion, we are adding after school pick up in the back of the building. STUDENTS MAY EXIT THE BUILDING THROUGH EITHER THE FRONT OR BACK ENTRANCES, BUT IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOUR CHILD KNOWS WHICH ENTRANCE THEY’LL FIND YOU AT.  PLEASE COMMUNICATE THIS WITH THEM IN ADVANCE.   BEHIND THE BUILDING:  To pick-up behind the building, please enter the east parking lot entrance (closest to the playground and continue past the playground, following the sidewalk around to the back door).  You may wait along the sidewalk for your child to exit the building.  Once your child is in the vehicle, you may continue around the outer edge of the parking lot and head out the same way you entered.   FRONT OF THE BUILDING:  To pick-up in front of the building, you should pull into the parking lot, at the west entrance (closest to the high school) and follow the flow of traffic past the front entrance at McNair maintaining a single line of traffic. 
    In both the front and back lots, it is IMPERATIVE that you remain in the line of traffic and keep moving forward as space becomes available.  We cannot have people parked and sitting in their vehicles along the sidewalk.  If you choose to park, please park in the lot and then walk to the sidewalk to pick up your child.  If your child is entering or exiting your vehicle, please make sure they do so on the RIGHT HAND (passenger) side along the sidewalks.  Again, this is for the safety of our students.
    Finally, just a reminder that cell phone use is PROHIBITED in school zones, including school parking lots.  A huge thank you for your efforts in helping this process go smoothly and safely!

YMCA After School Kids Care

  • The YMCA of Rock River Valley is now the provider of after school Kids Care for Dorothy Simon and Jean McNair families. The YMCA will provide after school care (Kids’ Time) at Dorothy Simon and Jean McNair Schools between 2 and 5:30 p.m. Please register for after school care for the 20-21 school year if services are needed.