• The district's pest management program is based on the State of Illinois guidelines. The goal of those guidelines is to control the hazards that pests present to the people and our buildings with as little use of chemicals as possible. This control starts with keeping the buildings as clean as possible and making it as difficult as we can for pests to enter our buildings. Our last resort is the use of chemicals and they are used only when there is no other practical solution.

    Our pest control company comes every second and fourth Tuesday evening of the month. He starts by consulting with our night custodians to determine if they have seen any evidence of a problem and then visually inspects the buildings themselves. Chemicals are only used if he feels it is the only solution. Chemicals and sprays are never applied as a "routine" preventative. 

    Our employees and you as parents have the right to receive notice two business days prior to the application of pesticides to our buildings or grounds. To get this notice, you need only to call or an email to be placed on our notification registry.