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WHS Science Teacher Receives Grant From IRTA

The Excellence in Education Grants for Teachers Program Awards $36,500 in Grant Money. The Illinois Retired Teachers Association Foundation (IRTAF) awards a total of $36,500 in grant money to several public school educators (Pre-K through 12) statewide.
IRTAF is affiliated with the Illinois Retired Teachers Association, a lobbying group for retired educators, with a current membership of over 37,000.  On October 4, 2017, Justin Keller was awarded his IRTAF grant check. 
Justin Keller, Winnebago High School, Winnebago High School wants to use a multipurpose vacuum pump within the chemistry and physics curriculum.  “Seeing is believing” and many concepts in chemistry and physics require air to be removed from the equation. Whether it is showing that a feather drops just as quickly as a penny or that you can make water boil at room temperature, science will come alive with the vacuum pump, tubes, and bell jars provided by the Illinois Retired Teachers Association Foundation. The IRTA Foundation designed this program based on the idea that educators often do not have additional revenue sources available for unique student projects or classroom materials. 
This program allotted a total of $36,500 to Illinois public school educators for these purposes. Applicants were required to meet the proper criteria and to submit their proposals by early June. The IRTAF Board of Directors selected the grant recipients and awards are being presented now.  The Illinois Principals Association played a vital role in assisting IRTAF with the promotion of this program

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