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Jean McNair Elementary Transportation Information

Director of Transportation: Mike Reinders
Router/Scheduler: Janice Cook

Our mission is to provide each and every student safe, timely, and courteous transportation between home and school or any other school activity while insuring that the vehicles are in the best maintenance and service condition possible. This must be accomplished while meeting the Transportation Department’s budgetary limits, the Winnebago School Board Policies / Practices, and complying with the State of Illinois Codes / Laws, as well as meet the requirements of our Commercial Drivers Licenses (C.D.L.).

302 East McNair Road
Winnebago, Illinois 61088
Phone: 815.335.2903
Fax: 815.335.7574

Transportation Eligibility

To determine if a transportation fee is assessed for your address, please download and review the Transportation Hazard and Walk Boundary Map links listed below. These boundaries are specific to the school your child attends. Eligibility may change based on your address and the school they attend.

Bus Rules and Transportation FAQ

Every Bus Driver and employee of the Winnebago School District Transportation Department takes their job very seriously when transporting one of the most precious cargos of the district – your children. In order for the team of drivers to fulfill this responsibility in a safe, timely, and organized system, it is important to understand some of the process involved.