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PTO News....

PTO Basket Raffle and District Wide Art Show will be held on Thursday, May 7 at the Winnebago High School gym.  

Jean McNair Art News......

Jean McNair halls are full of artwork, and the creativity and artistic ability of Jean McNair students just keeps improving! There will be a lot of great artwork at this year’s Art Show.  Mark your calendar for Thursday, May 7 for the district wide ART SHOW.  

F.A.B. (Friends Against Bullying) At Jean McNair

Six fifth graders at Jean McNair Elementary School have formed a student run anti-bullying club at Jean McNair this year. Studies have shown that bullying can be reduced by 50%, if a school anti-bullying club is formed. These students organize different activities throughout the year to help with bullying in our school.  

Jean McNair Fifth graders graduate from the DARE Program

Jean McNair Fifth graders Graduate from the DARE Program

PTO Basket Raffle classroom information

Although the PTO Basket Raffle is a few months away, the PTO has released the list of classrooms and their assigned themes for this year.  Click on the below document for themes and start shopping when it's convenient for you. 

Jean McNair drop off and pick up information

Important news for those picking up and dropping off students.Please drop off and pick up students along the sidewalks in the front or back of the building. Behind the school, you can pull right up to the back door and in front of the school, you should pull right up past the front doors to Jean McNair to the northeast corner of the building. 

District 323 Student Handbook 2014-2015

The Parent/Student Handbook for all District #323 students has been revised for 2014-2015. The handbook contains information about school days schedules, dress code, bus behavior, field trips, and other school policies.

Drop Off/Pick Up Map - Main Campus

Winnebago CUSD #323’s main campus map for the bus line-up area, student, staff, and visitor parking, as well as student pick-up and drop off locations for middle and high school is below. For information regarding Dorothy Simon School please contact the school office.

Changes of Phone Numbers or Addresses

Winnebago parents please make sure you have updated the school office if you have changed your home or cell phone numbers since the beginning of the school year.

District Response to Bullying

At our school, bullying of any kind, by any person, is unacceptable. All students should be free from worries about being bullied. Students who bully others must be taught other, appropriate ways of interacting with peers.