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Winnebago Math Historical Analysis

In 2009, 86.5% of Winnebago students were proficient on their state test (ISAT or PSAE) in Mathematics.  Winnebago students, district wide, score high in the data, statistics and probability strand. District wide, students have struggled with the number sense strand.

At grades 3, 4 and 8, students struggle with the measurement strand. In grades 6 and 7 students struggle with the Algebra strand. Within each grade level, there appears to be specific assessment objectives that Winnebago students have scored low on for multiple consecutive years. These "red flag" assessment objectives are currently being examined. 

Winnebago continues to have a high percentage of students scoring proficient on the ISAT in mathematics.  It appears that some cohorts (groups of the same students) have shown a loss in the number of students scoring "exceeds standards" in grades 4-8 with the sharpest change occurring in grades 5 and 6. Thus, though a large majority of Winnebago students remain "proficient" in math throughout middle school, many students are falling from above average to average throughout grades 4-8.  This puts some students on a trajectory of small growth that may cause below average scores in high school. It appears that some of Winnebago's "academically talented" students are may not be growing enough during grades 4-8 to continue to test "above average."  Winnebago must continue to increase the number of students "exceeding" state standards as well as continue to develop the academically talented programs.