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District Required Exams:

The North West Evaluation Association Measure of Academic Progress (NWEA MAP) is administered to students in grades 2-9 in the fall, winter and spring.  This test is computer adaptive and responds to individual student’s answers.  For example: when a student gets a question correct, the computer makes the next question harder; when a student gets a question incorrect, the computer makes the next question easier.  The test is designed to measure student growth.

Starting in 8th grade, Winnebago students will take a standardized test once per year to help prepare them for the ACT.   Using the EXPLORE in 8th and 9th grade, followed by the PLAN in 10th grade, we develop a longitudinal, systematic approach to instructional support, career planning and evaluation.   The tests provide a way to assess specific student needs as well as identify the high-priority issues for the district and schools.  These tests help all students from the college-bound individual to those who will enter the workforce directly after high school.