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Winnebago Fans’ Club Lottery information

Have you seen the sign up at Winnebago Snyder’s Pharmacy with a list of people that have won money from the Winnebago Fans’ Club Lottery? The Lottery is a part of the Winnebago Fans Association. The Lottery sells 300 tickets annually and, after paying all the winners, gives the proceeds to the Fans’ Club.

A check was given to Fan's Club in February 2010 for $7,682.68. Since Oct. 1988, a total of $168,770.54 has been given to Fans Club just from the lottery proceeds.

The last Saturday of each month at Snyder’s five numbers are drawn out of 300. The first number pulled receives $400, second receives $200 and the last three receive $50 each. Winners are then posted (with permission) at Snyder’s and occasionally printed in the Gazette.

Tickets cost $5/month or $60 for the year. Buying a ticket in July for the rest of the year would cost $30. If you are interested in being a lottery ticket holder or would like to get more information, call Mary McKinnon at 815.335.3502 or Kim Garst at 815.335.1323.

The tickets are sold in November and January by lottery captains. They would also be able to help you purchase a ticket: Ed Campbell, Karin Cross, Chris Draves, Joe & Janet Erb, Jody Hickey, Joe Huggins, Jeff Lingel, Rita Miller, Cheryl Moraksa, Lynne Myers, Jim O'Rourke, Terese Peterson, Mendy Thomas and Jennifer Workman.


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