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Confirmed Case of Pertussis "whooping cough" at WMS

This notice is to inform you that there has been a confirmed case of pertussis ("whooping cough") at Winnebago Middle School. The Winnebago County Health Department is conducting an investigation and followup of the confirmed case as required to prevent, minimize, and control the spread of pertussis due to this exposure.

Student of the Week Announced at Jean McNair Elementary School

Website Challenges

As you may have noticed, we've been experiencing some difficulties with our website the last few weeks. We are currently working through what is happening, and the best way to resolve that problem.

Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this matter.

Mr. WHS boy’s pageant February 27

Student of the Week Announced at Jean McNair Elementary School

The following students were recognized with Student of the Week honors at Jean McNair Elementary School for the week of February 1.  Students were recognized for demonstrating McNair Pride, which includes exhibiting a positive attitude, putting forth exceptional effort in completing schoolwork, and displaying appropriate behavior.

WHS Art Students Place 2nd in Snow Sculpting Contest

Congratulations to the Winnebago High School snow sculpting team who were recognized for their creativity and hard work this year at the 2016 Illinois snow sculpting competition held in Rockford at Sinnissipi Park. They came home with two awards, 2nd place and Artist's choice.  

The Blues Come to Jean McNair Elementary School

The Crossroads Blues Society visited Jean McNair Elementary recently to bring their Blues in the Schools program to students in grades 3-5. The Blues in the Schools program is a cultural and musical appreciation program and was enjoyed by all in attendance.

Winnebago Fan's Club collecting Shoes

The Winnebago Fans Club is taking on a new fundraiser - they will be collecting used shoes through the end of February. Funds are raised by the number of pounds of shoes collected and turned in.

2016-2017 Countdown to Kindergarten

District Asbestos Notification

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that is resistant to heat and corrosion. Over the years it has been used as an insulation for pipes, floor tiles, and construction materials. Its fibers are too small to see and cannot be smelled or tasted. It was an important part of construction until the 1980's when its toxic effects could no longer be denied.

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